About MMJ.com

Message from the co-founders

As the co-founders of MMJ.com, we are thrilled by the unique opportunity to innovate the medical marijuana industry on a global level. Our network will provide patients with virtual access to physicians around the United States in a timely manner. The MMJ industry will have access to our proprietary telehealth software through our network at MMJ.com. Our focus is predominately on the United States medical marijuana market, nevertheless, we will quickly expand beyond our borders to accelerate the MMJ industry on an international level.


Our vision for MMJ.com is not only to make medical marijuana medications and information more readily available for patients, but to create a virtual network where patients and physicians can communicate in a safe environment at the comfort of their own homes. Covid-19 has not only altered the way we currently go about our daily lives, but has also propelled the monumental demand for advancements in telehealth technology and the application of this technology within the medicinal marijuana industry.